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Find yourself in San Remigio Philippines

 In the balmy tropical country of the Philippines, Cebu has become a byword for “beach”.


Natural white beaches, a slice of the blue Pacific, coral gardens and tropical fishes await you.  The entire province is ringed with beautiful beaches and enticing islets. Your options are endless.

Find yourself in San Remigio, where you can catch a glimpse of the longest coastline in the entire province of Cebu, and experience the unparalleled hospitality of the Cebuanos.

San Remigio Beach Club is northern Cebu’s answer to life and leisure combined.  We have 48 rooms ranging from the comfortably spartan to the gratifyingly luxurious, food outlets serving up savory cuisine, a wide choice of sports facilities, all set up in refreshingly natural surroundings of coconut trees, sand, shore and sea. With its newly added team building facilities such as rappelling, wall climbing, maze runner and zipline.

San Remigio Beach Club has been establishing a home away from home and the feeling of complete serenity.  To complete the San Remigio experience, one has to reach beneath the island’s surface, literally, and see the beauty that will surely take your breath away.  Scuba diving off the waters of San Remigio is an experience certain to give you many beautiful memories.

It is not just a tourist destination, but also a very good place for business group vacations and tours, weddings, and other special occasions.  We also work to build a trusting relationship with our clients.  With 19 years of combined experience, employment and service to the hospitality, hotel and resort industry, San Remigio Beach Club offers a diversity of talented leadership and management executives that makes the company to be one of the leading and most respected hotel/resort management and development firm in the country.

            Amidst the breathtaking North coast of Cebu comes a place where time stops, San Remigio Beach Club – a place where lasting memories are rekindled and where nature couldn’t have been more creative.

            We are located 118 km Northwest coast of Cebu, Baybay Tambongon, San Remigio, Cebu City. For more than 19 years of operation, we gladly inform you that we have just acquired the most modern facilities to date. We have a total of 48 rooms and suites catering to each traveler’s budget. The Bahia Vista, our outdoor party area overlooking the beach which accommodates 250 guests. We have a bar by the beach, the Skipper’s Lounge. A world class and tasty Filipino Cuisine offered in our Café Gloria. We could cater to every business need which includes meetings, seminars, retreats, or even team building in our prestigious 400 capacity Convention halls: Triton Hall and Poseidon Hall. Our San Remigio Marine Dive Center offers only the highest quality in both technology and design to let you experience the beauty of our reefs and the rest of the underwater world. Having this unique combination of world class amenities, breathtaking ambience, and personalized customer service goes to show how much we want to give you the most unforgettable and memorable experience.

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