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 Dr. Alvin Matulac embarked on a journey to revolutionize skin care when he
ounded Professional Skin Care Formula. Driven by a vision to provide top-tier
all-natural herbal soaps and skin care solutions accessible to all. In 1998, armed
with passion and expertise, he introduced the inaugural two products, laying
the foundation for what would soon become a global leader in skin care

Over the years, Dr. Alvin's commitment to excellence garnered widespread
acclaim, evolving from humble beginnings to a diverse array of hundreds of
soap lines, skincare formulas, creams, and more. Approval by the Republic of
the Philippines' Food and Drug Administration, Dr. Alvin's holds a prestigious
status as a registered and licensed manufacturer and distributor, ensuring
quality and compliance.

What sets Dr. Alvin Philippines apart from the rest is its tailored formulation
catering specifically to Filipina skin, renowned for its non-invasive, gentle, and
invigorating properties. A staple on every Filipina's nightstand, Dr. Alvin
products offer a personalized touch, enhancing beauty rituals with efficacy and

At the heart of Dr. Alvin's repertoire lies its expertise in skincare, spanning
from whitening products to anti-acne solutions, from moisturizers to
sunscreens. With a steadfast commitment to excellence, Dr. Alvin guarantees a
bespoke skincare experience, tailored to individual needs and preferences

Expanding beyond skincare, Professional Skin Care by Dr. Alvin extends its
realm, redefining self-care with an array of affordable yet luxurious offerings
From facial treatments to body care, from foot therapies to hair solutions, Dr
Alvin ensures every aspect of wellness is addressed with utmost care and

Nurturing your skin is a daily ritual, and selecting the right product from Dr.
Alvin's diverse range requires an understanding of your unique skin type-be it
sensitive, oily, dry, or normal/combination. Empowered by Dr. Alvin's
expertise, embark on a journey towards fairer, lighter, and healthier skin,
embracing the transformative power of premium skincare

About Dr. Alvin

The visionary behind this skincare revolution, Dr. Alvin Matulac, embarked on
this journey in 1998 with a mere Twenty Thousand Pesos (P20,000.00) in hand.
With boundless determination, e concocted the initial 300 bars of soap
infused with papaya, goat milk, and oatmeal, which quickly garnered attention
among his circle. Adapting to market demands, he ingeniously diversified his
ingredients, leveraging his medical expertise to captivate consumers with the
efficacy and safety of his formulations.
Professional Skin Care Formula by Dr. Alvin, offering an extensive range of
meticulously crafted soaps, toners, lotions, creams, and exquisite beauty sets.
Witness the radiant glow that Filipinos achieve in just three days, making it the
quintessential choice in skincare across Asia.

 Loving and taking care of your skin is a must! Cleanse, soothe, and
strengthen your skin's natural barrier with Dr. Alvin's newest skincare
product Ceramoist - Barrier Repair Cleanser.

Cosmentix -Oil Control Absorbing Film will help your skin feel refreshed
oil-free, and shine-free. Enjoy a 30% more oil-absorbing power with
these one hundred (100) sheets as your perfect armor for sebum

Dr. Alvin Rejuvenating Set No. 5! 4e is the first FDA-approved
Rejuvenating Set with the HIGHEST concentration of Hydroquinone and
Tretinoin in its active ingredient in the market today.

Dr. Alvin Pure Vitamin C Fresh Release Activator
Serum Mix has many health benefits for your skin? Yes, you heard it
right. It helps to promote collagen production and aids in protecting
your skin against sun damage.

Dr. Peel Serum! Designed to combat hyperpigmentation, acne, and
enhance skin texture, it delivers faster, more visible results for a radiant
complexion. But hey, a heads-up: if you're pregnant or lactating
mothers, or if you're under 18, this one's not for you. And don't forget
your sunscreen--ever! Prioritize safety with a patch test before
incorporating into your routine, and limit usage to two months for
optimal results. Your journey to flawless skin starts here!

Dr. Alvin Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50+ PA++++ 100ml.
Packed in a sleek and convenient egg-shaped bottle, application is
effortless, ensuring you're shielded wherever you go.

MAXIGROW 5% Spray is indicated for the treatment of alopecia
and rogenetica (hereditary hair loss). With its unique formulation and
advanced delivery system, Maxigrow offers a convenient and effective
solution for individuals experiencing hair loss or thinning hair.

Here's a video of me using some of Dr. Alvin's Products


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