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My favorite Sigma Brush F80, F65 and P88

My favorite Sigma Brush

Personally I like Sigma brushes, I have my own array of make-up brushes and lately I added up these Fabulous Sigma brushes, F80 , F65 and P88.

F65- is a concealer brush, for me, I’m using this as an applicator of my concealer, some creamy and liquid products on hard to reach areas.

P88-Precision Flat Angled, well very useful to me because of its unique design, I’m using this for blending products on areas of my face that needed extra contour and placing products on hard to reach areas, especially the corners on your nose, and I love these as a blending brush.

Yes lastly my favorite brush, for me it’s an all around brush.

F80- is a flat kabuki brush which is very good to use when applying, cream products on your face, I’m using it as my brush in applying, primer, liquid foundation, buff powder and most especially I’m using this brush as a blending brush on large areas on my face.

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