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Red Bracelet for my OLD WATCH

Watch Bracelet

Crochet a cute red watch bracelet. My inspiration of this pattern was ignited by a little girl, whose fun of loom band, she created loom band bracelet for her mom, at that time, I was planning to buy a new bracelet for my favorite hello kitty red watch, because the bracelet leather cracks and it really needs a replacement.

check the picture below

And with that, I was inspired to make one and was inspired to make a crocheted one

So here we go


Monaco red 1 ball (though you will not need the whole ball anyway, mine is just a scrap from my past projects)
Size 3 crochet hook
Garter thread
Yarn needle


Chain 62

Dc on the 2nd chain from the hook, dc around, turn
(Dc on the next dc, dc around and turn) 3x
Sc all around
Then insert end point on watch both sides, sew the end part into the ear of the watch
Wave garter thread at the back of your crocheted bracelet,
Check picture below.

And that's it, nice quick and easy watch bracelet.
So instead of spending money for my bracelet, all I have to do is to look around the house and find whatever you can do which can make you spend less and enjoy!

Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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