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Toshiba satellite laptop i5

One of my blessings receive a few months ago is my new laptop, it was an answered prayer.
I praise and thank God for this. I really wanted a laptop because, I love to edit pictures, music and videos and I can’t do it on my old one, because it’s really slow and old, now I’m using it for reference especially when I fix laptops sometimes.

Before buying the new one, I did a lot of product research, look closely on their specifications and well the cost.
Before I decided what brand, model, etc. I List down all the things I wanted to do if I will buy one.
I consider
      1.   If it is a heavy duty laptop 
      2.   Operating system
      3.   Processors
      4.   Durability
      5.   Can I edit music, photos movies without lag
      6.   Cost.
      7.   Does it fit my lifestyle. etc.
      I go for Toshiba laptops, because of it's durability and I love it's performance too. 

Since I do a lot of editing, especially on music, because I wanted to mix my own music in teaching dance used for competition and presentation, I edit a lot of pictures, because I love to give cards for my friends and family on their birthday, sometimes do edit videos, hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!. I’m not good on any of these but because of loving what I’m doing and by God’s grace I am able to do it. 

So far I enjoyed using this Laptop, it met my needs, I used my new laptop on this blog. cheers!!!

Color : Gold
Hard Disk Drive: 500
Processor: Intel Core i5
Operating system: Windows 8

When I bought this to my surprise I’ve got a free Item! Wow! It’s a router, Check the picture

Bag and mouse is included too!!!!
wow! what a treat!

Check out more Toshiba products on their site.

That’s all for now till my next post!!!! Godbless us all

Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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