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It's Better to Rest Than to Quit

Hello my loves, how are you? It's been a while everything's colder than I thought. Recently to be honest I'm in a middle of no motivation to write a blog and make a video to upload on my youtube channel. Since I can see that I'm in a middle of crises I need to find a way to keep burning, but it's not happening at all. I resorted to making myself distracted of things that I like, like watching Korean Dramas and just enjoying every time that I have with my family. No deadlines to meet and just go with the flow. I believe it's better to rest than to quit, that's one of my principles. But the question is until when will this rest will end. I will be in great trouble if I'm always in my comfort zone, not challenging myself will lead to laziness in content creating. In this state, I tried to tell myself to be motivated in everything that I see. This maybe not relatable for you, but as a person who's fun of arts, this situation is happening to every artist. Sometimes we are not motivated and really needs time to get back on track. I know that this is just temporary, but inspiration is on its way, I mean blessings are on its way. This black day will pass and there always be brightness in everything. Currently, I'm digging myself to find a motivation for everything I do. 

I've been watching a lot of Korean series, which I love during my younger age, hahaha!!!. I will be sharing to you my review of the list of my must watch Korean Dramas for the month of July, so keep in touch. I wanted to make a review each of the series, but I think it will be a spoiler to those who haven't watch, so I'll just make up a list and what I think about the drama. 

Going back to my early topic, I encouraged those people who are in the same shoes to keep on pushing, find an inspiration and keep moving forward. As what I've said, it's better to rest but do not quit.

I have written How to Overcome Your Depression, kindly read it here. I believe it will be useful to you. 

I'm currently finishing a makeup tutorial for you, it's more focused on manga series. I hope you will look forward to it. I'm in a situation of making myself a better person on my field, so I hope you will still be with me. I'm also currently attending different types of workshop especially on makeup artistry, keep in touch.

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Godbless you

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