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A Pampering and Full of Knowledge MOM'S DAY OUT with SUNLIFE

Hello my loves how are you? Though I always start with these questions, bear with me. I know someone is reading this page so, whoever you are wherever you are, I would gladly ask how was your day? If your having a good day then that’s good but if you’re having the opposite side then take it as a learning experience and remember that it will just pass by. 

Today I’ll be sharing to you an event for Mom’s which is headed by Sunlife. They called it
Mom’s Day Out.

Mom’s out there really needs to relax, reflect and most of all should take care of themselves. As a mom of 2 kids, to be honest handling kids would cause stress, not just kids but as a totality of being a mom. We get exhausted sometimes. That’s why we need to recharge and asses ourselves. It’s good that Sunlife brought this project Mom’s Day Out and it’s a blessing that I was part of it. I was able to indeed had a pampering session together with fellow mom’s who attended the event. We had Swedish massage at The SPA AT CEBU, delicious food and most of all an enlightenment on all the talks that was given to us. 

The first Speaker Mrs. Michelle Alignay was very enthusiastic of explaining  about Family Goals and how to have a Balanced Motherhood. I was also blessed upon hearing that she is part of Kerygma and indeed her talk was an enlightenment for me as a mom. The one that strikes me the most, when she talks about internal knot. As busy as you are. You can take a pause, stand behind a wall and feel what part of your body is hurting, for example you feel pain in your head. Maybe you will say, maybe it’s just a minor thing, but think why this particular part of my body is in pain? Try to remember. Maybe you’re not sleeping well or you take a lot of time on social media and using your eyes too much. It could be the reason. So it’s time to asses yourself how you could prevent it from happening again, maybe you could lessen the facebook time or better sleep early. Too much emotions could be also an internal knot so beware of it.

She shares that If we give ourselves time to recharge we could be a better mom, wife and in everything we do. Because after the recharging, assessing we feel good and could do great things.

So don’t be guilty if you give your selves time. Just enjoy the moment and get back to your family and be a better person.

The second speaker was Mrs. Rosario Rivera shared how to make us manage our money and the topic that I like as a take home is when she shares about the different behavior of money managing which is mom's should practice behavior 3 SAVE First before spending. Yes indeed sometimes we spend before saving. 

And Sunlife can help us better manage our finances and make it grow.  One of their plan that has a special approach especially for mom's, particularly parents out there is the MYFUTURE FUND
Where in you can prepare finances in advance for your kids future. You can allocate it for their education or whatever purpose that serves them best.

Know more on how to avail different services that Sunlife offers and manage your financial status efficiently through them, check their social media website

or call them directly on their hotline for further inquiries.

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I hope that we become better mom's by providing brighter future for our kids. Thank you for dropping by. Till my next post.

Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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