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Kilay Goals Benefit Brows 101 at SM Seaside Cebu

Hello my loves, how are you today? let me share one of the good things I had today.

Benefit PH at SM Seaside Cebu had a brow workshop and I'm so blessed to be part of it. I'm one of the person who believes that KILAY is LIFE. I'd rather have kilay (eyebrow) than lipstick, hahaha!!! I'm happy to teach others as well on what I have learned and desiring to improve my skills. That's why I'm grateful being able to attend.

One of Benefit Brow Artist shares how to attain a natural brows.

1. Trim, you should trim your brows to prepare it before waxing or threading, for some people they pluck their brows, so prior to that, Trimming is really needed.

2. Brow mapping: Brow mapping is where you're going to trace, the start point of your brow, arch and the tail of your brow.

3. Brow waxing: Brow Waxing is not really popular in Cebu,  I think, mostly people tend to use threading method, pluck or even use blade to clean the edges of their brows and I'm one of that. You can also visit professionals to do it for you, Benefit has brow experts to assist you. You can visit their stores nationwide and it cost. P700.00. The Brow Artist from Benefit shows to us, how they did it, They have certain products that they use especially special benefit oils prior to waxing to prevent certain pain compared to treading. By the way they're using hot wax which is a good wax for facial wax as well. But they're not offering facial wax though.

4. Outlining your brow: after Brow mapping, waxing and cleaning, it's time to outline as mentioned in Brow mapping you should find the first point, arch and the tail. Each person has a unique face, so we all have different brows. Find the three point and your good to go. The Benefit Brow experts, uses the Brow pencil to define the brows, She suggested to use a light and darker shade. It is used to outline and filling the brows.

5. Set your eyebrows: Setting your eyebrows is important. Benefit has a clear brow gel that is super long lasting, Water proof, so if your going to a beach or swimming on a pool and wanted to have a brow on fleek then this is very useful.

Simple as it is, but the key is to maintain the Benefit Brow artist suggested that after waxing do not wet the brow area with water at least 6 hours and do not apply any skincare on the area for 24 hours

As you can see on the picture below. I was surprised because browse has a primer, to be honest it's my first time hearing about  it. The brow artist explains to us why it is important to have this. This is very important to take care of your brows especially those who have spars brows, You can leave it overnight and it will really help your brows looking healthy.

Roaming around the store I also noticed they have these cute travel pouches
inside were cute sizes of Benefit cosmetics for P1,900.00
Personally my fave was the Work Kit Girl.
Porefessional, Hoola Bronzer, Roller Mascara and the Benetint.
Sorry Benetint is missing in action, I forgot I was holding it. Hahaha!!!! 

I wish they have more sample sizes here in Cebu. I love Benetint it's cute

They also have new line of concealers.

I haven't try these products but it looks promising. I was interested with the airbrush concealer because of its long lasting properties, product claims to be waterproof. That's exciting isn't it?

By the way Benefit Cosmetics here in Cebu is having a 20% off on all their brow products until July 31, 2017. So don't hesitate to grab the opportunity. Visit their branch at SM Seaside Cebu.

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