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A Breakthrough to Financial Stress #livebrighter

Improper money management can be a lead to disastrous life, why I said that? Because I experience it first hand.I guess a lot of people will agree with what I just said. Being ignorant on how you manage your money will lead you into a big trouble, shortage, no provisions for the upcoming special events in our lives, no funds for the future. Well in this generation savings is really a must, but I just realized it now. Since I'm a mom of 2  kids already, it made me think a lot of times, what did I do with my past life, that I'm not even prepared for what I'm facing right now. Everyday survival is a common thing in our family. Looking back at the abundance of my life before, It's just a waste of time not to save a little for my future, instead, I used it for luxuries to things that are not used nowadays, gadgets fade. Gold pieces of jewelry gone. Well, to be honest, I did a lot of fair share on wasting my money. Going out like there's no tomorrow, spending time with fake friends. They just vanished when my money is gone like bubbles that fade away. I felt I don't even have wisdom before and I really regret not having any knowledge at all during those times when I had a lot of money. If someone could just share to me those times how to handle them. I could have a lot of investments now. Or the money that I have tripled a lot. At a young age. I was able to buy my own house and lot. Sending my brothers to school but it changes when I got sick. I spent a lot of money and I don't even have any savings at all. Times got rough and I had a lot of debts. The friends that I went out with can't be found anymore. As I wanted to rebound, it's hard for me to start with, to make a long story short, I got married and found a community wherein we serve humbly and learned to be patient and I started a new life then. I'm starting to pick up my life together with my family. But still were lacking something. I've got the maturity to understand the situation or decern things, but financially I'm still struggling. After working in a corporate world for almost 7 years still, I don't have enough savings for my family. I and my husband decided that I need to stop working because our kids are still small and they need my attention. So I stop, I got bored a lot of times and that's why my youtube channel started, it inspires me to share whats in my mind, thinking that it will help other people as well. It's such an opportunity that I was able to attend some events here in our place because of what I love doing which is Vlogging/ Blogging. One day I was invited on one of a financial awareness event which is the #livebrighter by Sunlife

and the speaker Mr. Mike Gustillo shares a lot of information about how to become a hero by educating people to manage their money wisely. To use it to it's fullest potential wherein it can help many people as well by spreading the news. How to go with the money flow in this generation and inspiring stories as well was shared during the event.

 There were a lot of attendees. I believe that it's an eye-opener to everyone or I may say a wisdom shared to every single people who attended to that event. It also helps me realize how important saving is not just by word but in actions and how to give value money management in all areas of your life. We should dream big and reach for our goal. Just like one of the sharer Mr. Churchill Bejemino sharing his humble beginnings and how he ended up to be one of the successful financial advisor at Sunlife by simply educating people regarding financial literacy.

The speakers and the sharer, what they have in common is to help people, they're striving hard to convey the message how serious it is to be financially literate. Indeed what you sow is what you reap, people who give more will receive more as well. As they help a lot of people they will be blessed abundantly as well.
I learned that Sunlife is one of the pioneers in this field they've been in the industry for 120 years.

So you can really tell that they are trustworthy they passed 2 world war already that shows how strong the firm is.

Now you have the idea where to turn to, what will be your choice, be an overcomer, be financially fit it's easier than done but doable. I'll be heading to a right pathway then.

 To know more about Sunlife and their activities, forums and more financial literacy visit them at

Thank you so much for dropping by, once again thank you and Godbless.

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We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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