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A Clean Cut at Sports Barbers SM Cebu

Hello my loves, how are you? Do you have the voice when it comes to your husband's haircut? For me I always do complement if I like it and honestly speaking I also say if it's bad. He also seeks my opinion too. Last Tuesday as we were at SM City Cebu. My husband decided to have a clean haircut and luckily one of Sports Barber's branch is located at Sm Cebu 2nd floor. So we decided to stop by. Personally, I love the design it's so manly. The boxing interior made it more interesting. As you enter the counter you will see the Sports Barbers Logo and I believe the logo itself left a strong impression to me. 

The place looks classy and the staff was all accommodating with their best smiles. As you enter there's a punching bag which my son and daughter love to play with. They were with us as we visited the place. Imagine the chaos though, but I need to look after them while their father had a clean cut and hair treatment.

After a clean cut, my husband had a hair and scalp treatment

and here's the before and after picture, it may seem to be ordinary but if you're more into details, you will really notice how clean the edges and well trimmed the hair was. My husband loves it so much and he felt so relaxed after the whole process. I forgot to mention that after the haircut and treatment you will have an extra massage. Which is a plus.

So guys out there on your visit to Sports Barbers, do you know which one to ask for? good guys from Sports Barbers SM City Cebu takes you into each of the most stylish hairstyles men could sport right now.

The Classic Pompadour

Slicked back with major volume at the top. It takes confidence to pull of this hairstyle. Stylists should know that while you expect a lot of volume here, hair should taper as it moves back and sides are tightly tapered as it goes to a skin fade. The look works best with hair that has a combination of high and low lights that gives the look more depth.

The Disconnected Quiff

The disconnected quiff is a more subtle approach to the classic pompadour but is no less edgy. The volume at the top isn’t as big and it’s complemented by a medium to low fade on the sides. The edginess is introduced by the carefully crafted line shaved into the head that serves as the “side-part.”

The Rockabilly Undercut

Tightly tapered sides and a long top—the rockabilly look takes a more unkept approach to a style defined by simplicity. It works very well with every hair texture. To keep the look updated, opt for a medium fade on the sides, create a side-part and muss up the long strands for that ‘devil-may-care’ vibe.

The Man Bun

A look that challenges stereotypes and allows men to pull their hair back and literally wear their hair in a small bun at the top of their heads. It’s easy, fuss-free and artfully messy. In contrast, the look is paired with beautifully groomed facial hair and you have yourself an aesthetic that’s totally now.

Finally decided on what hair style to get? Visit Sports Barbers at the 2nd Floor, South Wing of SM City Cebu for that uber dapper look!

Sports Barbers is your go-to urban destination for grooming and pampering services, designed to rejuvenate and energize the style-conscious man. For more information, you may follow; and

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