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Right Attitude Before Spending Your Money

What do you always do when you have something to buy in mind?

These are the things I usually do before buying.

These days, Everything is expensive. Some say wla nang libre. But it's not true, we treat our friends sometimes, we give to charity we share what we have to the needy. Right?
but we need to be cautious on how we spend our money.

Let's set my line of work as an example. I really desire for a camera that is suitable for vlogging and filming a sit-down video. First I look into possibilities and I read ton's and ton's  of reviews.  Months and months of research. I think it over and over again. As what I mentioned on my previous blog about Essential List For Money Management I always make a list of wants and needs. And this is under needs category, why because. I need it to shot for clients makeup, for vlogging and making short tutorials about makeup. Some may say buying a new camera is just for hobbies, luxuries, but not me. I need it for work.

Before I bought my camera, I always think of the benefits of what I can get and is it in the price range that I can afford.

List of what I need

Longer Battery Life because if I film beauty videos it takes a lot of time to film.
HD recording, I really want a camera that has a 4k, but people are not really watching 4k in youtube because it needs a lot of data, so I'm good with 1080.
180 Flip-up Screen if you're vlogging this is a must to be able to see yourself while talking because you can check if you're still in focus or not.
A light compact size I need a camera that is travel size and I can easily grab anytime I want.
Interchangeable Lens It is good to have this types of cameras, because, you can have a lot of outputs, like bokeh, clearer close up shots and varieties of choices when it comes to shooting videos and pictures.
A microphone Jack for me this is super important for vlogging because sometimes we will be a noisy place and we need our voice to stand out amidst of these circumstances. And especially in our place, it's super noisy that's the main reason though.
Check this video out Camera I choose.

So I already chose what to buy and I forgot to mention I always mention my plan to the Lord in prayer. And next will be the provisions since my family comes first. I always set aside for this if I have makeup gig earnings. Slowly, by not hurting the budget of the family.  Setting back is always playing safe when it comes to deciding for the finances of the family. Think out of the boxes and keep track of records. As a mom, we need to think how we respond to the situation rather than react. The response is more on the solutions while react is more on emotions. 

Again, save first before spending. A leading industry can help you manage your finances will be a great help as well.This tip is super simple but sometimes we need to remember the basics before we can start solving the difficult ones.

Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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