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A Well Equipped Clinic in Mactan "Green Apple Dental"

A well-equipped Clinic opens in Mactan Lapu Lapu City "Green Apple Dental" which opens it's doors to OPONGANONS. It certainly pays to visit a hi-tech and advanced dental clinic nowadays so as to be assured of precise treatments handled by trained professionals for faster and more efficient results.

Already recognized as a standout industry stakeholder for the past 11 years in Ayala, Green Apple Dental Clinic has established its first branch outside Cebu on the island of Lapu Lapu City to widen it's customer based and better service the upscale industrial and expatriate markets.

Situated at the ground floor of Mactan Newtown along Punta Engano, Green Apple Dental Clinic extols its advanced equipment aimed at raising the bar of dental services in the city and spreading customer awareness of the latest industry trends and innovation.

The establishment takes pride as the only one of its kind in the city to own an intra-oral scanner. This is cutting edge equipment that secures an imprint of patients' teeth. thereby eliminating the uncomfortable procedure of a teeth mold. The scanner works through scanning the set of teeth via 3-D, thus rendering more accurate results and faster than the typical teeth mold.

A Well Equipped Clinic in Mactan "Green Apple Dental" is also equipped with the latest X-Ray machine from Osstem, a known industry leader. The machine can handle panoramic x-rays, cephalometric x-ray, TMJ x-ray and also CBTC Scans.

Dr. David Alesna, president of Green Apple Dental Clinic, disclosed that they have also embarked on digital dentistry in order to further level up their services and keep abreast of global innovations.

A Well Equipped Clinic in Mactan "Green Apple Dental" also practiced QMS, or Quality Management System in fulfillment of ISO Standards five years ago. They remained determined to continue with such procedures to further prove their worth in the industry and challenge their very own mindsets and capabilities.

The clinic also serves to reduce travel time for the island residents to the Ayala office since the Mactan branch is also serviced by the same dental professionals known for their distinguished credentials and friendly demeanor. Mactan residents will save over three hours of travel time and that would be a great opportunity.

The relaxing environment offers a wide array of shops, restaurants, accommodations, and coffee outlets literally ideal for a "walk in the park" amidst wide sidewalks, lush greenery, and open spaces.

Visit A Well Equipped Clinic in Mactan "Green Apple Dental" for a novel experience in dental care in a GAD centered venue located at the heart of a new town in Mactan.

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