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KULTURA, SINING AT TSOKOLATE Manila Chocolatier Finds a Home in Kultura

Manila Chocolatier Finds a Home in Kultura

As Kultura welcomes Manila Chocolatier in its store, Manila Chocolatier invites you to discover new flavors of world-class chocolates with authentic Filipino flavors, a taste of history and a sweet tradition.

“Our chocolates bring you on a special journey,” says Manila Chocolatier’s Raul Matias. “A journey that starts with your first bite.” Interestingly enough, Raul was on a journey oversees when his love for all things Filipino prompted him to go back home, and start his business.
 “Manila Chocolatier is fruit of my passion and love for my Philippines,” he says. “When I moved out and found myself in a foreign land, it was only then when I fully appreciated what it was to be a Filipino.  I remembered idyllic afternoons in the farm and carabaos toiling the rice fields.  I thought of women in their graceful ternos and men dashing in their barong tagalogs.  I missed the sound of Philippine jeepneys, the enchanting lights of Metro Manila, the perfect sunsets and lazy days. I missed the way my countrymen smiled not just with their lips but also with their eyes, smiles that genuinely come from the heart.”
With that, he “distilled what I love about Filipino culture into the flavors of Manila Chocolatier chocolates.” He named the product line after Manila, as a tribute to “what was, what is, and what will always be one of the most beautiful cities in the world: the melting pot of the country’s diverse culture, language, and flavors.”
He spent years in his quest to find world class cocoa beans in the Philippines, and today Manila Chocolatier’s cocoa beans are sourced from select farms in the Davao region, Southern Philippines.
Raul is proud that “we use only the best cocoa beans; the same beans exported to Europe and used by world class European chocolate companies”. These are beans ground to silky perfection only when needed in the same facility where their products are processed, assuring the freshness of the products.
Have a sweet journey with Manila Chocolatier’s mouthwatering Chocolate Pralines that give you a delicate sublime flavors of the Philippine Islands in smooth, dreamy chocolate.    From Bukayo, Panotsa Caramel, Leche Flan, Buko Pandan and Palawan Honey to Barako Coffee and Lambanog flavors - each with design element that reflects the Filipino Culture. 
Manila Chocolatier also has delectable White Chocolate bars in Calamansi and Ube flavors, Mango Milk Chocolate bars, and Dark Chocolate Bars in Pili Nut, Barako Coffee and Coconut flavors. 

Manila Chocolatier is one of the MSME that Kultura supports, and is available at Kultura branches in SM Supermalls.

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