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Virginia Krunchy Chicken Patties is made with real chicken meat and is breaded to perfection. Giving you a meaty, juicy, and crunchy goodness in every bite. It’s an easy-to-cook product that’s perfect for busy moms and on-the-go yuppies and millenials.

Virginia Krunchy Chicken Patties 480 g - P199.00 Prices may vary depending on the supermarket Product is available in all leading supermarkets and Virginia Factory outlets nationwide.

Get your favorite Virginia Krunchy Chicken Patty at your nearest Virginia factory outlets and all leading supermarkets nationwide.
You can also order online, just click here 👉

About Virginia Food INC.

Virginia Food Inc. is a food manufacturing company that has touched the lives of many Filipinos through its premium canned and frozen processed meat products for more than 50 years.
Today the company has grown to become one of the most aggressive and exciting local food manufacturing companies in the Philippines. With its vision to become the ultimate food solution, Virginia Food, Inc. banks on its passionate research and development team in the continuous innovation of food related products fit for every Filipino home.

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