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Durable Clear Bags

Hello my dear friends today, I'll be sharing to you about this clear bags that I order from a friend of mine, I met her at Beauty Bound Asia and she is from Davao, so I'm from Cebu and we speak the same language. Just sharing, so much for that. Here's some pictures:

As I received it, I rushed to my makeup and arrange immediately, hahaha, super excited isn't it? Yes I am. 

I like the grip, its durable and I like how the way it is built because it is made from a vinyl material, it's a double line black fabric and has a two way zipper. 

I really like this bag, because you can see everything easily and no difficulties at all in packing and unpacking your things, especially like me who's on the go as always during my makeup gig.

I wish I ordered 5 pcs. because I only have 4, I was planning to buy more as I will be needing this not just for my makeup gig but this could be very helpful in organizing my personal things during travel.
This cost P200.00 per piece, which is very affordable I think,

I was really looking for a clear bag for 5 months already, I've research and though I found a lot like these clear bags but there all expensive just for example the Zuca bags, it's a little bit expensive plus shipping fee, so no for me, as you all know for those of you who are  reading my blog ever since, I'm a type of person who would always on a hunt for affordable products which doesn't compromise the word quality.

Then I landed on buying these bags after 5 month, a big thumbs up to Ms.  Xana Pea, whom I met on Beauty Bound Asia event as what I have mention on the first part of this blog. She is a makeup artist and a youtuber as well. She's one of the coolest person I known. 

Thank you so much for stopping by, Godbless you.

Best regards,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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