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My BeautyBoundAsia Journey

It's been a while since I joined the online contest which is called Beautyboundasia, wherein we need to upload videos online based on the criteria given. I was hesitant at first to join because the fact is I'm a beginner especially in Youtube. But before this contest I already had a plan to make videos but I'm still trying to prepare for it, and then I told myself, if I will make videos, why not start on this contest as a jump start, indeed I joined, and today I will be sharing to you my journey.

First all the participants are requested to make a 2 minute video about themselves and we need to state the reason why we participated the said event. My apology because I filmed it 5 hours before the deadline and I don't even have an editing software to use, luckily there's movie maker which is free.

What a surprise I was able to go to the next round and was able to be part as the Semifinalist
This video is my vlog going to Manila to attend the first event.

My trip going to Manila went out a little bit adventurous because, when I arrived in Manila, I decided to take a taxi so that I will be able to make it on time. The event will start by 2PM and I just want to be one of the early birds, but what happen is even the driver got lost and it ended up we are just roaming around Chino Roces ave. I arrived in Manila exactly 10AM, and until 1:30Pm we are trying to find the place, I showed the taxi driver the map, but he could not locate it. He said that Chino Roces St. is so confusing, after 3 hours of hunt, He decided to drop me off, tough huh! he just simply drop me off in a middle of nowhere. My journey still continues, I told myself it should not end like this I'm already in Manila, there's no way I will back out, so I say a little prayer while walking, and God heard me, all glory to God, I already asked a lot of people but they don't know the place that I'm going to, and suddenly I saw a man eating on the side of he street and asked him about the place, He said it's still too far, I should take a jeepney in order to get there, but he suggested that he has a friend who could take me there, and he called his friend, and praise God I arrived in the place 10 minutes before the event start and lastly I just paid 60 pesos for it, isn't it amazing? compared to the last tazi I payed a lot, but anyway I was able to get to my destination. Sorry for the long story.

It was full of new learning, educational workshops and goodies galore sponsored by SKII, I've met a lot of new friends and youtubers as well, after the event the next challenge was announced and it will be the unboxing video, wherein we will open the goodie bag in front of the camera and we are not allowed to open it until we are ready to film and here is my video.

the bag is full of amazing products and surprises. Next after we submitted the unboxing video. The next step is to upload our Summer skincare routine to be able for us to make it to the national finals.

I had so much fun doing this video and I'm so blessed because my friend Diana let me borrow her DSLR camera and her tripod, because I don't have one yet.  I'm very happy because I qualified for the Semi finals and was able to proceed to the National finals, and again here's my video going to Manila to attend the event.

By this I did not got lost, so blessed because the taxi driver is a Bisaya like me, hahaha, we did a lot of chika and I arrived at the place so early, and upon arriving, I hed directly to the registration area and pictures everywhere and interviews, fun photo both and cool stuff and food was great. We had another workshop, educational training as a youtuber and product demo and the coolest thing was, there's a 30 minute on the spot makeup challenge, I was really shaking, We were just told to bring our own makeup kit and remover.  praise God I was able to manage and finished the make up on time, although my false eye lashes did not cooperate, you can really tell in my video it's falling apart, hahaha.!!!!. Michelle Phan gave her warmest message t all of us as a national finalist, there are 25 of us, who were able to make it to the national finals and I'm very happy to be part of it.
So after the event the next challenge was announced and it will be an unboxing video again from the goodie bag that we will be recieving, by this time th goodie bag is too heavy and bigger so excited to open it, but thesame as usual, we cannot open it until we are ready to film.Here's the video

A lot of newly introduced products and another set of SK products and my first ever Youtube T-shirt, Yehheyy, but it's too big, My husband wears it now, hahaha!!! and again after the unboxing chllenge, next was to make a video about a "No makeup look" here it is, I hope you like the video. There's a lot of story behind it.

So that's the video that I'm making sleepless nights, it's very hard for me to film in the morning because I need to take care of my 2 kids, 1 year old son and a 3 yr old daughter, my inspiration is to go outside and film, visit a nice place and film there, but what happened was I ended up filming in my room, because as what I've said, nobody will take care of my kids, praise God I was able to film and here's the editing part, it took me a long time to edit, you know mom is too busy as always, and the deadline date comes and we need to upload it by exactly 11:59 pm, while finishing everything, my computer crashed and my files got lost, it was a frustrating moment, all my files was gone, I need to restore everything and re edit, to make the story short I was not able to upload it on time, I finished it 4am in the morning, I just upload it into my youtube channel, for me, even though it came up like that, I believe God has a perfect plan for it, and I did not regret at all. I was able to learned a lot interact with people in youtube , I started at zero and now I'm very happy to have 311 subscribers and counting. It maybe small numbers of people but, its already a blessing for me, because making videos in youtube isn't easy, you need to put up a lot of effort and you need to be passionate about it.

My journey to Beautyboundasia ended up like that, however I was able to learn a lot of hings which money can't buy, I really praise and thank God for that opportunity and thank you for all who supported me along the way, to all who watched my videos like and subscribe, thank you so much and I love you all.

Best regards,


We will triumph with the help of God who will trample own all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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