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What is the Holy Spirit empowering you to do?

Today as I was preparing to write a blog post, I was struck by this word " Your world is not falling apart, it's falling into place" it really brought me into tears. How awesome is our God, when we think that everything is messed up He always make sure that He inspires, comfort and gave us hope , that everything will be fine soon, not the time that I was hoping but in His perfect time. He is doing something new, fresh and He is preparing me and you for something big, Isn't this a whole new chapter and a whole new beginning? I don't know only God knows but I totally  trust Him to take control of everything.

Have you experienced sometime you come to pause and told yourself, Where I am heading to this, sometimes you think you're sure but in your inner heart it's empty. All of us has a different calling may it be something that you keep busy with. He gave us freedom to choose, but the main ultimate purpose is to praise, worship  and give Him glory in everything we do and say. Whatever we have right now, we need to used it for good, serve others and use it to inspire, and help others, not putting anyone down instead use it to build, lift and mold others.

All of us received the gift of the Holy spirit as we received the sacrament of baptism as a Christian. All we need to do is know and nourish it. As I examine everything I do, I'm involved in Choreography, teaching dance, blogging, making youtube videos, sharing to people how I do things especially in makeup, sharing ideas, teaching online, handling 2 kids, ministering to people, and all of it revolved in teaching, isn't it amazing, I'm not saying that I know everything because everything I have is from Him, but I believe this is my calling to teach, What is yours? What is the Holy Spirit empowering you to do?

Words to ponder:

My help is from you, and He will answer" Behold I am with  you always, until the end of age, "(Mathew 28:20b)

My take home for you which really inspires me while writing this.

Job 8:7 Your former state will be of little moment, for in time to come you will flourish indeed.

Be bless

I can't live without you Lord,

We will triumph with the help of God who will trample own all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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