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Windows 10 launched in Cebu

A lot of popular software that is available in the market and now Microsoft has launched this Omni-channel software which is Windows 10.
Seing their invitation was a  privilege to be part of that event, so I was able to attend the event, and was able to hear a lot of god news about their new products.

There are four key speakers and the person who welcomes us all is 

Mr. Tovia Va'aelua 
(Business lead of Microsoft Philippines)

Ms. Melanie Ng
(Vice President - Business Development , Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry)

Mr. Bunny Pages 
“Entrepreneur of the Year”

He shares tips on how he was able to grow his businesses and  I was so blessed when he mentioned that  everything that happens to him, he view it as blessings. He also shared about  Kaizen, a Japanese term that means doing small improvements everyday.  

They also introduces more on the benefits about using the  
Windows 10 can be run in any platform even xbox.
you can upgrade both existing device and your new device
Windows 10 is lighter than windows 7 and 8
It has an Iris scan feature
It uses infra red
Unlock your screen using face recognition

They also introduces on How CRM be beneficial on filtering data especially used in small and big businesses, it will make your life more easy and comfortable.

Microsoft has a lot to offer, visit their website or Facebook page  Microsoft Philippines  to see their product line suited for your needs may it be for business or individual use.

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We will triumph with the help of God who will trample down all our foes.(Psalm 108:14)

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